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Elon Musk, Love and Space

I am an executive and team coach who has been working with hundreds from the most prestigious global companies. Mainly working with the decision-makers and the people managers. Being part of a commercial system but still being an outsider as I am myself is not executing the decisions but helping them to take and implement those decisions, I gathered an enormous sense of what’s happening and what’s trying to happen in the world. The biggest theme, in my opinion, is whirling around Space.

That insight made me curious about what Elon Musk is trying to do with whom I believe I share an immense sense of responsibility for humanity but also curiosity for human evolution.

It's a combination of “agape” or “merak” or can be simply translated to curiosity. Merak is Arabic and available both in Turkish and Greek because of the Ottoman heritage. It is a type of a synonym for the word “love”. 1

Elon Musk keeps on saying how he loves humanity2. He's probably non-stoppable until his health worsens for some reason, God forbid, because that would be depressing for him to stop his search for answers.

"Plato’s love is not blind, but rather sees into the soul of someone. It says, “I see you, I know you, and I love you for it.”3

That's how I feel about Elon and what he's trying to do for humanity.

But not everything that needs to be done left to Elon Musk. We, as humanity, shall take responsibility of other connected stuff which would maximize and complement his endeavors. One big topic is collaboration. I'd prefer to call it as "Radical Collaboration" for space, to space and in space.

Think about it. Either Musk's vision of making life multiplanetary and/or Bezos' vision of keeping Earth as a heaven by using near planets for heavy industry happens. They are both full of several caveats, but for the sake of thinking experiment, let's forget them. (Caveats also need to be sorted out by the rest of us). They are good visions anyways. If you've watched National Geographic's Mars series4, the imaginary mining company Lukrum was pushing its corporate interests far and the greed we are used to see on Earth was capturing life on Mars too. Even the vastness of Space will not be enough to quench humanity's hunger for more power, financially or psychologically. Therefore, what we need is an upload of upgraded human values after the "ignorance age" of social media that took over the last 20 years and before the “metaverse” which might make us lose another couple of decades if used incorrectly. Look back please, can you see any big innovation that sounds like what Einstein or Tesla period found. I believe the biggest came from Jennifer Doudna et al. with gene editing revolution that will allow us to cure diseases, fend off viruses, and have healthier babies.5 That’s not a coincidence that Mr. Walter Isaacson who has written about her after writing about Einstein and now is working on to write about Elon Musk. 6 However, Jennifer Doudna’s gene editing and making life virus or disease-free would be inapt if the rest of us do not focus on which is important.

It is only possible by 2 things: Education and Governance. We need to educate humanity, use not only 4 percent of our budgets for it but increase, at least by doubling it. 7

We need to look deep and dig the vision and competence behind any governorship.

With the anesthesia of social media, substances, forced depression, it is impossible that people wake up and see what's around.

Let's shake the ones in your near circle to see if they want to wake up. Do this please for the people you love, to gift them a more positive outlook for future.

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