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Space Psychology : Are we stuck in Time and Space on Earth?

Yes I believe so.

James Webb telescope takes super sharp view of early cosmos reports today BBC.

8-10 years ago, I started to be intrigued by the science of physics and astrophysics. It felt like I was mesmerized by what physics can offer for my understanding about the laws of nature and also looking into the human being which is a part of the nature.

My background is in psychology and I have been wearing glasses of psychology when I was trying to make sense of the world around me, for a very long time. However as time passes I started to feel like psychology and even sociology which was my second major including marketing management which was my masters degree topic, I was not able to answer a sheer number of questions that I have around life, human beings and space. In a way, physics was an escape for me to understand more around what psychology and other sciences cannot answer.

As I read and watch about the contributions of the science of physics, it continued to be even more intriguing. Actually if you look at it, at least for the time being, physics cannot explain what psychology is explaining about being human beings and psychology cannot explain what physics is explaining about the nature and space. It might hopefully change in the near future that the sub-branches of physics can explain more around the energy of human beings and the systemic causality it creates for the psychology of a human being and its effects on other stuff, matter and energy.

To be honest, I’m not that hopeful about the signs of Psychology being capable of filling in the gaps of physics or what it cannot explain. However the topic of space psychology is actually a preliminary answer to the question around how can physics and psychology be helpful to each other. Although today we cannot see the current contribution of space psychology going towards this direction, I believe as we travel to Mars, the boundaries of space psychology will start to meltaway and we will discover new frontiers.

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